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I've led the development of three major tools for software developers. Each tool was developed in cooperation with an active user community and all three continue to be used extensively today.

Most Innovative Java Product or Technology: AspectJ 1.0.6
JavaWorld 2003 Editors' Choice Awards

AspectJ took innovative research into Aspect Oriented Programming and delivered it in a package that was understandable and usable by Java programmers. Three books and numerous articles in both the academic and technical press have been written about this system. More significantly, AspectJ is in use in production systems by many leading companies. I am a co-designer of the AspectJ language and led the development work on the project up through the AspectJ-1.1 release.

Jython and JPython (
A stunning example of what's possible is Jython ... an extraordinary tour de force.
Jon Udel, Infoworld, March 2003

Jython was one of the first and remains one of the most popular scripting languages for the Java platform.  The first job posting listing JPython as a required skill came in October 1998, one year after the first public release.  Since then, three books and dozens of articles have been written about Jython.  Jython is frequently cited as compelling evidence that the JVM is an effective platform for languages other than Java when making comparisons to Microsoft's CLR.  Here is my personal account of the creation of Jython.

Numeric Python and NumPy (
Numeric Python took the strong support for numeric arrays provided by special purpose languages such as Matlab and provided them to Python developers in a way that was seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Python language. It is used by scientists and engineers in both academic and commercial environments to drive numeric simulations and to analyze numeric data. My personal account of the creation of Numeric Python is part of the story of Jython.

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